Unlock the crippling shackles. Unearth your inner beauty. Unclench your tight, bound fists. Liberate the intricacies and depths of your mind. Unleash your wholly desires. Annunciate the truth and abolish all critical defeat. Ignite your soul with light, peace and passion. Express yourself abundantly. Embrace the warming caress. Patience. There is unity in diversity. Love. … Continue reading Identity


Beauty surrounds us. Even in the simplest forms. Open your eyes widely to experience the wonder. If you blink, do not be fearful, For more intricacies will be experienced. If you widen your heart to the world’s amazement, Gifts will be sent to you in abundance. - Nature Love, thoughts and hugs Maddie x

The Realm of Social Anxiety

Which is preferable? Being institutionalised in hospital or at home? Frightful and fearful. I ask myself and contemplate this question frequently not because I prefer either, but because I have been susceptible to both. Currently I discover myself institutionalised at home. I have done so for the past five weeks upon my return home from … Continue reading The Realm of Social Anxiety

Poetry for the soul

Throughout recovery I discovered writing and poetry, to capture the intricacies of mind. Although, quite dark, dismal and sombre, eventually a light shines to illuminate the goodness in life. We must cherish the good and accept the negative. Discover your therapy for healing. What assists you? Believe Believe in yourself, Believe in what you offer … Continue reading Poetry for the soul