Being purely still. An entrancing state of mindful caress. How is this demeanour possible? Still - in a deluge of alacrity, disengagement, technology, angst, betrayals and judgements. Still - within a society depicting a constant whirlwind. Still - within the confines of one’s imprisoned mind. Still. Yielding substance with a hint of ethereal dichotomy. Cumbersome. … Continue reading Stillness…

Moments of pure, wholesome + delightful gratitude ❤️

Every day may not prove to be a great day for a plethora of reasons that one may either be in control of or not. Despite the daily events, living with an openly warm, all embracing and grateful heart does the world of wonders for holistic well-being; to feel centred and grounded. There are many … Continue reading Moments of pure, wholesome + delightful gratitude ❤️

Walking proud as a lady!

Hello beautiful! #BalanceforBetter ~ International Women’s Day 2019. What does balance indicate? What purpose, significance and substance does the word capture? As women, we consistently strive for balance in our daily life, whether it be associated with family, employment, functionality of the household (ladies, you know what I mean: cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, school drop … Continue reading Walking proud as a lady!

Transformation of Thoughts + the Journey of Enlightenment.

Transformation of thoughts equates to happiness! Feeling endlessly contained within a glass receptacle, has proven to be my preferred, comfortable and introverted abode for as long as I have known. Experiencing a profoundly exhausting inability to shatter the surrounding glass bottle or embark on a ferocious ascent, in order to alleviate myself of the captured … Continue reading Transformation of Thoughts + the Journey of Enlightenment.