The bold acceptance of CHANGE

The majestic dragon fly. A delicate, intricate insect, which has the capacity to captivate any observant onlooker. Many may perceive a dragon fly, purely as an insect. One which hovers liberally, fleeting between locations above the glistening waters. However, unbeknown to many, this entrancing creature, signifies change, adjustment, transformation, adaptability, maturation, abundance, growth, development and … Continue reading The bold acceptance of CHANGE

The microcosm of Comparison.

Comparisons deprive of joy! It is merely human, primal nature to compare oneself to others. How we look, speak, behave, breathe, stand, work...LIVE!! Isn’t this comparison of ourselves, whether such be to others within our family, friendship conglomerates, work place, community spaces (supermarkets, malls, shops, library) or when we haplessly and perfunctorily scroll through our … Continue reading The microcosm of Comparison.