Spread your wings.

Today I pleasantly spent the morning and afternoon with my beautiful Mama (Translation ~ Grandmother). Every encounter I share with her darling soul, equips me with further life lessons, contemplation and appreciation for self, others and life.

Today, amongst numerous other divergent topics (if one knows both of us intimately, shall be accustomed to our waffling conversations; tangents of sorts due to the immense subjects we wish to communicate whirling within the intricacies of our inquisitive minds…hereditary perhaps?), the concept of fear, welcomely prevailed.

Fear, an emotion that we all experience throughout life. A constant, which is inevitably intertwined with existence, for the good and the bad.

Fear was summoned to our attention due to the consistent array of opportunities appearing within the lives of our loved ones. Whereby, these newfound opportunities for growth and change, enhance the state of fear within, causing one to reflect, internally debate, feel restricted, thwarted and unable to propel forwards, as the new opportunities reside remarkably outside of what is comfortably known.

It is easy to become victimised by fear as a deterrent to any progression, as one focuses solely on fear, believing in the fear. As if fear is a mode to select and grasp onto with sheer comfort?

It is humanly understandable for opportunities to pass one by haphazardly, as fear dominates to control life, as opposed to what could eventuate; the beauty and spontaneity of life. Subsequently, causing one to be consumed by what is evolving within their own realm of existence.

This propensity occurs for us all, at some aspect along our life spectrum. We simply cannot evade this fear and prevailing actions as mankind. However, instead of allowing fear to have complete dominion over our every breath, we must challenge and accomplish the opposite. To breathe, take a step back from our own microcosm so to observe the larger picture as to focus not on fear, but the perspective of reality.

What do these opportunities enable me? How shall they assist in self development, connections and align with my ambitions as an authentic individual?

We are each blessed with capable, existent wings, whether we believe so or not. When we are confronted with opportunities, initially all proves exhilarating, as if a rush of goodness and light enters our souls to realise that we are worthy of what we aspire. Until the frantic mind takes residence deep within to contemplate the “what if’s”, doubts and possibilities of fear and failure. Why can we not embrace the feeling of exhilaration and allow this sensation to dominate the fear in order for our lights to continue to shine as opposed to being restricted by fear; maintaining one in a state of stagnation and flux? A monotonous cycle which does not serve one long term?

Yes, all serves a purpose. However, the purpose sometimes is to be shifted, even incrementally, especially if what initially served one no longer allows growth or experience.

We are capable and with these pure wings, we must permit our minds to synchronise harmoniously with our wings, to elongate to soar to remarkable heights, without looking back, with fear in tow. Maintaining flight with a glimmer of fear, is healthy. Fear is not to be terrified by. Nor is flight, progression, opportunities or the diamonds of life.

As Mama and I vocally expressed today, we must live our lives as we desire, not in control of another or inner critical voices. To “take the almighty plunge” into the abyss of the unknown to discover our hidden treasure. We each have numerous treasures to source and secure within our treasure trove. It is our individual onus to embrace fragility, ambivalence, discomfort, vulnerability and alterations to acquire the entire gold at the end of the rainbow.

Mama’s profound insight, support, love, realism and perspective has proven contagious. It is a hope that we can maintain realism, to accept what life has to offer, both negative and positive. Subsequently, acting accordingly, to ensure we are permitted our wings to fly and minds soothingly settled.

Fear can be an enemy or a friend. Which one shall you select?

How grateful I am for the gift of my Mama. A woman who has journeyed wide and far, housing an abundance of life stories, pearls of wisdom, mantras, self belief and understanding of all. Live your life well with minimal regrets. Never settle for any less, as we are only provided with the blessing of one life. Let us, with every ticking second and living breath, make our mere existence significantly count.

Remember your worth. Your potential and your authenticity. Life can be cruel, yet simultaneously, abundantly spectacular! Be patient with your life journey, as all ensues how it is destined to. Utilise the gift of free will to your greater depths and advantage.

Take the courageous plunge. Soar lovelies. Soar.

All of my love, light, goodness + hugs always,

Maddie x

One thought on “Spread your wings.

  1. Fear like stress has its good and bad side just like the two sides of a coin. It is the “what if’s” that genuinely bother me at times because it robs us of truly appreciating our lives and present. It also blocks us from moving forward with our lives for we ruminate constantly about ‘what if’ and ‘what could have been’ when you are already living and/or one the way to lead a rich and fulfilling life. It really robs us not just of our happiness but our peace of mind as well and therefore as a mindset I believe must be eliminated at all costs.

    Because it is easy to ask “what if” but harder to say “what if not?”. “I need not ask this for I am happy, content and proud…of where I am and where I will be.”

    God bless you and your mama. Such insightful souls indeed… I feel this article has saved me from months of negative ruminating 🙏🏻 Thank you, bless you both a million and more.

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