“All moments and experiences in life, mould us into the individuals we are now and continuing to become. The act of becoming is magical and something which is constantly evolving. Embrace all of the sorrow, pain, discomfort and disloyalty; with pain, there is pleasure. Loss there is hope. Anxiety there is confidence. Disappointment, progression. The reverse is true similarly. However, we are called to simultaneously, cherish the love, laughter, positive energy, light and warmth of life. Allow such to shine brightly on your being, to ignite a light, effervescently within. As balance is exactly this, conflated with nourishing our minds with kindness towards self and ALL others.” ~ Maddie x

These words, I recently expressed to a dear friend and blogger of mine (if you would like to follow his beautiful blog please visit this site immediately, for beautifully crafted, thought provoking, honest and virtuous insights into life and one’s journey: therandombangalorean.wordpress.com). These words are by no means gospel to anyone. However, to me, they hold truth, sincerity and a worth which enables me to continue in life.

Last week, another obstacle appeared cumbersomely across my life path. Being declined from a job opportunity, in response to the organisation becoming aware of my history of mental illness. I was not upset, frustrated, annoyed or angered that I was declined. Merely the component of the process that I endured for four to six weeks of numerous forms of assessments, tests and interviews to proceed to the next stage of the application process to reach the final stage, informed that I was successful. Until, I honestly and eagerly submitted my medical assessment, disclosing all health history, mental health included (as why be surreptitious of one’s journey, when we each have a story to be disseminated, respected and understood?), to subsequently, be declined by beings higher in superiority (who had never been physically introduced to me), due to perusing my name and mental illnesses in black and white print.

Emptiness. Incompletion. Thwarted. Hopeless. Unworthy. Anger. Frustration. Annoyance. Numb. Categorised. Alienated. Disengaged. Dislocated from the majority. Labelled. Discriminated against.

I was not sombre for myself. No. For all whom are discriminated against in some means with society, along their journey. Discrimination, assumptions, judgements, prejudice remarks, misunderstandings and delineation are all, NEVER ok. Not for anyone!!

I cannot speak on behalf of others who have been poorly discriminated against for the colour of one’s skin, height, age, disability, illness, disease, past history or the like. However, I can for those who have experienced such with mental illness.

Not allowing one an opportunity based on what is presented on paper, is a contravention to one’s human rights, in every means. We are all worthy of opportunities and second chances. So why are we thwarted from any progression when we may prove to be an anomaly?

Those with mental illnesses are not insane, incompetent, unworthy, difficult, precious or vacuous. The opposite is true! We are humans just as all are. Would we be declined an offer if we had high blood pressure, a past of fractures or asthma? Possibly not. So why and how do Mental and physical illnesses or histories differ so widely? As if there are parallels and a dichotomy between the two?!

Thus, just as I felt all was gradually improving, life continued to remind me that not all is able to be controlled by mankind; the pure essence of life to embrace what is meant to eventuate, is suppose to at the congruent moments. One must, regardless of the obstacles tumbled along the way, not give up in one’s pursuit of purpose, happiness, belonging and worth. As aren’t all proponents what we identically desire?

As my dear friend above kindly conveyed to me, we each have a gorgeous song which is to be sung at its highest volumes. To be shouted from the peaks of the mountains from the depths of one’s heart, with truth, unlimited belief and absence of fear. As our authentic songs deserve to be sung, heard by the masses and disseminated wilfully. The world wishes to hear you proudly speak your truth. Your journey. Your light. To shine unapologetically. As if we don’t, the unwarranted and antiquated act of discrimination and the like, shall fervently continue if we do not stand up for what we believe in. For justice to be served for all; inclusion, equality and the wholesome respect and admiration for every soul part of mankind.

Regardless of all, I allowed myself a few days of depression and tears, to process all. Followed by the fuel to continue to advocate for mental health and well-being. To live my life as I desire, knowing that what is destined for me, is something more than any possible employment, or lack thereof. Life occurs in mysterious ways. Embracing such labels, distrust, volatility and fragility with a half glass full perspective, shall ensure we receive what we are worthy of abundantly.

Keep progressing. One step at a time, no matter your journey. You are wonderfully capable. Do not allow any others to inform you differently. For you are you. This is your truth. Own it and never fear doing so lovelies! Which path shall you embark on?

All of my light, goodness, hugs + love always,

Maddie x

P.S. there is absolutely NOTHING incorrect with being considered in the minority. Being classed as superior or at the top of the hierarchy, is never sustainable. I would rather continue with vigour than to know all was handed to me. I respect you all regardless. Love, peace and light ✨ x

6 thoughts on “Obstacles

  1. I am stunned. I did not expect to read about your struggles in this post…and even after all that you’ve been through, you chose to be brave AND call out my little humble blog? I am touched…thank you so much. Your mere existence is a blessing indeed!

    My father always told me that everything we face in life is a choice and it is up to us to decide what we want to choose and discard in our lives. He also loved to quote Gandhi where he once said and I paraphrase here; “Nobody can hurt me without my permission”. This includes the world as well; sometimes we tend to give people a lot of power over us and our lives even when the choice is ours; we do this willingly at times. If we take that away and not give them permission to hurt us….then they can’t hurt us.

    I hope you know and are aware of how brave and strong you are; you will persevere no matter what and overcome because you have that strength and capability within you. I also hope that you were patient and kind to yourself during this time because that is important as well. I realised this the hard way…

    Just recently I had a company I wanted to get into string me along for a long time before rejecting my profile on trivial grounds. Luckily for me, I was already placed in a good company by then but at the moment it was the last straw after everything else that had transpired by then. I wanted to scream, I was hurt, I was appaled by their callousness and I know how it feels and how rough it can get. And then I took time for myself….and chose to thank god and express gratitude (though I felt like utter crap at the moment) not because I had to but because I trust him and the path he has put me on. Regardless of what I’ve been through and what obstacles I face in life, my path is MY path alone. I walk it, it is meant to help me grow into a better person; a better version of myself with his blessings so I will walk and I will walk with my head held high with pride. This goes the same for everyone else as well; it is important that we respect the path we are on and understand that we are given obstacles in life so that we can persevere and overcome them.

    And look at your path… it is so bright to behold. Clearly, you are on a great journey and I stand in awe as I salute you and your perseverance. You really are an inspiration to us all.

    Be bold, be strong, be brave because you have it within you. And thank you so much for the mention…it means the world to me. How incredible are you really? 🙂

    The Random Bangalorean (you know my real name now 🙂 )

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    1. Your blog dear friend, is by NO MEANS insignificant. Rather it is wholesome, insightful, honest and pure. Depicting your beautiful journey without fear of expression. Such is adored, respected and appreciated wholly! Your writing, journey and self are a blessing; treasures and illuminating lights within this world, to navigate us all ✨

      I agree with your Father’s sentiments and the quote of Gandhi. It is incredibly easy to allow the control of others and our inner dialogue, possess dominion over ourselves. It is by no means anyone’s fault for this invasion and consumption. However, we are gifted with the free will to accept what is and adopt a stance as to what is the best action to implement provided the moment along our journey?

      I am apologetic to be accustomed to the hurt, distrust and sorrow that was inflicted upon you throughout this part of your journey. It is reassuring that you allocated time to yourself to heal, understand yourself and be patient with the realm we call life. It is natural to feel the negative emotions and there is not correct amount of time to hold onto these, as we each process every situation differently. It is learning to realise life continues outside of our own microcosm so to continue with perspective. Observing the larger picture as opposed to what is apparent under the microscope?

      Yes, such are our own journeys for us to navigate to the best of our abilities. Continue to walk with pride, tall and appreciative as your courage is inexplicably linked with the beautiful soul that you are and the life that has been amazingly destined for you ☺️

      You are incredible and continue to inspire and uplift many. Please never cease how you conduct yourself as you mean much to many! Myself included, even just through written words! Something I am eternally blessed and grateful for 🙏🏻

      Kindness, respect, light, goodness and love, Maddie 🌻

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      1. Amen to your kind words and amazing insights, Maddie. This bought tears to my eyes and I have saved your response to re-read it at times of sorrow. What an incredible soul you are to write and express yourself in such a beautiful manner? – I will stress on this yet again; you must write a book for you have so much to share and I think a lot of people will need to hear this.
        At times I try to look at myself from a third person’s perspective. From that point of view, I appear as a normal person going by his business. And then if I were to suddenly react to something, it feels strange and out of the blue from this perspective. This POV has helped me realize that I don’t need to react or behave in the way I do at times; sometimes life is really all about simplifying and decluttering. The more we clear our negative thoughts, doubts, demons and perceptions in our heads, the more we’d be better off without all of it. I am aware that this too is a long and arduous process but perhaps we should focus on it every day? I wonder what you would make out of this.
        Continue living the truth, continue being you. You are incredible. Your comment really is enlightening if you haven’t realized it by now 😊
        All my love and respect,


    1. Thank you darling friend!! This means the world to me as for you to share one of my blogs, as minute as it feels, to your wider and respected audience, is humbling. Thank you for being all that you embody; a like minded, talented, compassionate and insightful other who I am blessed to have in my life. Gratitude is beyond expression! Thank you (if I only were accustomed to your true name I would insert here!!). For now, thank you dear the amazing and gifted The Random Bangalorean 🙏🏻☺️

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      1. I sincerely believe more people should hear your words and story for it truly is healing and you are inspiring – i will not tire of saying this time and again. You’ve retaught me the importance of gratitude all over again and conversing with you is a mind and clutter cleaner instead. Thank you so much Maddie, for inspiring us with your tenacity, sagacity, your words and your life 🙏🏻

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