The magic of one year!

Hello beautiful souls!

I genuinely hope that the content of this blog discovers you well, as it has been some duration of time since I last blogged?! Life has proven eventful, through unfolding in mysterious and unexpected ways.

Exactly one year ago I arrived home from my travelling adventures throughout America and Europe. What an amazing experience all proved for me in an educational, enlightening, soulful and self developmental means. Although I returned home prematurely and rather unexpectedly, two months prior to arranged, this act was not a failure. Nor was it insensible.

This was implemented to ensure my health was made to be the focal point as without optimal health and functioning, how can one authentically reside? To pursue what one desires? I implore you all, generously perusing these words, to look after yourselves constantly. Self care and appreciation is not an act of egocentricity. Rather one of admiration, thought, realism and practicality.

The past few years, I, as well as numerous others roaming this earth, have been captured by the tightening grips of stagnation, flux and uncertainty. Initially such was uncomfortable, grotesque and unapproved. Recently, I have discovered myself reflecting on what has occurred in this past year and it made me realise that, despite the rudimentary thought that I have endured no progression, that I actually have.

It is incredibly easy for one to observe surrounding others journeys, so to compare one’s life progression and the speed at which this is accomplished. However, although I gleefully cherished others’ profound successes, triumphs and milestones, I subsequently realised my own. Therefore, I came to embrace the precedent emotions and thoughts as part of my journey to authenticity. To a state of becoming me. Growing into who I am and who I was born to be. This statement may appear cliche or (I loathe to utilise the word) “cheesy”. However, personally, all of these words hold true.

Despite one year prevailing with immeasurable alacrity, this time last year I would not have been able to:

– Take ownership of MY life.
– Challenge the inner, detrimental and all knowing voices.
– Allow myself to rest even when I felt unworthy.
– Exercise without having to do so for the entire day or only consume one meal (I advise AGAINST my previous actions. However, if you do discover yourself or a loved one embarking on such, please seek professional assistance or ask for kindness from a trusted other ❤️).
– Partake in a rest day (something I am still learning, yet am navigating better than last year).
– Accept taking anti-depressants to allow me to survive the day (It is not weakness to accept inner defeat to consume anti-depressants or the stigma placed by society. Refer to my previous blog pertaining my reasoning for taking anti-depressants if you wish? 🙂 ).
– Awake with a smile and positive outlook on life; willing to confront and cherish the day.
– Be grateful for all in my life and what I embody.
– Appreciate what my body does for me every moment.
– Meet new people through socialising and not being afraid to step out of the confines of my abode (Confronting the social anxiety).
– Apply for means of employment and attend umpteenth interviews; critique and fruitless attempts.
– Listen to music without guilt.
– Express myself through aesthetics without thinking that the use of make-up or beautiful attire depicts vacuity.
– Enjoy the process of reading novels and all literature as a means of therapy as opposed to fueling the competitive, commander voice within to finish all immediately so to be worthy of life.
– Seek and attend enlightening therapy (Admittedly I only attended five sessions, yet such assisted me to develop sound reasoning to establish healthy neural synapses. There are NO written stipulations as to how long one should be in therapy or taking medication for as we all differ. One must implement what is congruent for them. No other).
– Sit longer than only half an hour every day (conquering the duration of movies, meetings, gatherings and the like).
– Embrace who I am to understand the journey I am traversing at my OWN PACE.
– Not adhere to societal expectations or pressures.

The list does evolve as life does and should, as every day is dissimilar. The purpose being that one should be proud of their journey and developments along the way. These may be accomplished gradually, steadily, rapidly or not even be perceived as any progression forwards. It is fine to take small increments leisurely. It is acceptable to retreat a few steps prior to moving forwards. These are all the unwritten joys of life. One is unable to control all that life provides. It is learning to accept, understand and continue as best as one can with all circumstances, obstacles and moments thrown into the glorious mayhem.

Through my minuscule steps forwards and back, my life has patiently begun to improve; becoming brighter, more wholesome, nourishing and contented. Once I altered my neural synapses from negative to optimistic, all began to unfold magically. As if I were the key to my happiness, success and continuation in life.

Maybe we each possess the key to unlock our potential? Simply discovering this key and allowing oneself to enter a new world and mindset, is one of the most beautiful welcoming treasures one could gift oneself.

Believe in yourself for there is only one of you in this world.

Live as you desire not manipulated by the controlling reins of others.

Liberate yourself from the shackles of worldly deprecation to set courageously forth as you. YOU do possess inner happiness. You do have the ability to shine your light luminously.


Appreciate yourself as you are remarkably capable. Life may continue but so do you!

All of my love, thoughts, hugs and light always,
Maddie x

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