The microcosm of Comparison.

Comparisons deprive of joy!

It is merely human, primal nature to compare oneself to others. How we look, speak, behave, breathe, stand, work…LIVE!!

Isn’t this comparison of ourselves, whether such be to others within our family, friendship conglomerates, work place, community spaces (supermarkets, malls, shops, library) or when we haplessly and perfunctorily scroll through our social media feeds, utterly and debilitatingly exhausting?

Admittedly, I am incredibly guilty of comparing myself to others. I have accomplished such behaviour for a long duration of time. Accustomed more extensively than desired or anticipated. Which predominantly occurred when transitioning into the prepubescent age of adolescence.

Additionally, comparisons, personally, are naturally and inevitably associated with being a twin. Of course I would never alter living life as a twin, as I adore my twin sister, Libby in a multifaceted means. I lack knowledge of anything different.

Subsequently, I am undoubtedly NOT ashamed to admit this, as when one is able to vulnerably express what one’s actions are, is when one can focus on oneself wholly; to embrace oneself for all that one encompasses.

Never feel lugubrious for comparing yourself to others, as such is an organic process. An act in which we all discover ourselves trapped solidly in at some moment in time, as we become captivatingly entranced into the alluring confines of reaching or securing an ideal image, behaviour or echelon.

However, next time we find ourselves within the imprisonment of comparison, remember that there is genuinely no other traversing this globe that resembles you. No other has your values, morals, beliefs, lived experiences, feelings, thoughts, placement of freckles, birthmarks, fingerprint, beautiful curves, posture, talents, body shape, musculature…the list is endless!

How utterly exciting it is to know that you are authentically you! To know that your journey resembles no other, allowing you to be an original copy welcomed into this world, destined to pursue all that YOU aspire to accomplish and gloriously be.

Comparisons are natural yes. But being solely, wholly and wonderfully, uniquely you, is your power, your elixir, your star quality and your light. When we allow ourselves the ability to continue in life, in the absence of comparisons with others, our zest and quality for life accelerates! An accretion of opportunities, desires and enjoyment ensues.

Of course there are going to be moments in life whereby we shall compare. Shall I possibly compare myself to another at a certain point in my life? Yes! Yet when we fall humanly prey to this pervasiveness, it is our volition to remember to be in harmony and love with ourselves. To honour all that we are and continue as we were intricately created. You were born to reside on and illuminate this world with all that you embody. Own all happily and shine forth unapologetically.

Be addicted and enamoured with yourself. Not what you could be. Life is too short to invest energy towards what others are achieving in aesthetics or accomplishments. You were curated to be your own enigmatic gift.

Be the artist to your own masterpiece. Live, love, laugh, be healthy, balanced and feel entirely liberated!

Live and control your own journey. Not adhering to or walking in another’s moccasins. You have your own mould and gait. Utilise this potential abundantly.

Do not allow the effrontery, misanthrope comparison fairy, reduce your happiness to residual dust. Rather, emerge to sparkle and shimmer effervescently everywhere you wander, making comparisons only ephemeral in nature.

Happiness + light to you all.

All of my love, thoughts and hug always,

Maddie x

2 thoughts on “The microcosm of Comparison.

  1. I entirely agree with the line of thought that comparing yourself to others is a waste of energy and doesn’t get one any further in his life. There will always a million people taller than me, smarter than me, better looking, richer, wealthier than me, stronger than me etc etc ad infinitum .. so who really cares, for when we’ve all sucked the kumara and are at the pearly gates .. who’s gonna love you baby?

    I’ve always walked like I own the damn place 🥁 and have paid no attention to me. I have been scanned and I didn’t care.

    Life’s too short and soon we’ll all be f#%ked to glory and nada will matter. Relax. Stay cool. Breathe. Smile. Live. Hey, we’re ok .. it’s the others … .

    You are amazing !! Love you 😍. Did God make me amazing too? Dunno .. don’t care 🤣🤣🤣.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. God did make you phenomenally brilliant! Never neglect this fact!! Shine and continue to do so, regardless of those who scan. Such is their prerogative and nothing to associated with you. Be you and love who you are 💛⭐️


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