Moments of pure, wholesome + delightful gratitude ❤️

Every day may not prove to be a great day for a plethora of reasons that one may either be in control of or not. Despite the daily events, living with an openly warm, all embracing and grateful heart does the world of wonders for holistic well-being; to feel centred and grounded.

There are many aspects in life to be grateful for, even on the days of difficulty. Below are some moments of gratitude I have experienced and realised are worthy of delighting in.

Bare with me as I understand I have presented a post previously pertaining gratitude and residing with a grateful heart. However, one can NEVER be too grateful for what one has in life.

– The functioning of my body. Assisting me to endure every day, fortunately without concern.

– The appearance and warmth of the glistening sun, even as the days and nights become cooler.

– Constant connection and communication with dear, genuine and beautiful souls.

– Meeting genuine souls.

– My car, Gertie, who kindly transports me from A to B. Also, cleanly Gertie I adore!!

– Being welcomed into the office environment I once worked in.

– Warm embraces.

– A smile and greetings of welcome.

– Connecting, understanding, conversing with and appreciating like minded souls.

– Cleaning. The process of doing so in conflation with the end product of satisfaction, accomplishment and functionality in a space of work, lifestyle or making others’ abodes / offices inviting. Can I have a resounding Amen for cleanliness?!

– Power, water, shelter, fresh food and companionship.

– Family and friends.

– Support networks, my Doctor, Psychologist, Phlebotomist…

– Earning money through partaking in a means of enjoyable and rewarding employment.

– Petting animals.

– Sweeping the leaves + watching the leaves alter colour and fall during Autumn.

– Allowing myself to listen to music, to sing gleefully at the top of my lungs and dance fluidly without the concern of others’ thoughts, judgements or remarks.

– Reading.

– Writing and reading words to uplift, inspire and encourage.

– Time – as a healer, motivator, encourager and appreciator of the now.

– Fresh sheets and pillow case. There is nothing so soothing as this!

– My daily green smoothie…delightful!

– A warm shower.

– Clothes to suit the given external climate and also to express myself.

– Baking and cooking for others and myself.

– Sending handwritten letters to my friends over in London and of course receiving their responses! 💓

– For observing other’s happiness and life successes.

– Newfound opportunities.

– Taking new steps every day.

– Technology to allow me to remain connected to family, friends, interests and the world.

– For all means of employment and purpose – GO EVERYONE!!

– Individual talents.

– Dark chocolate, cacao nibs and cacao…anything with amazing antioxidants and mood boosting, natural effects!

– The next door neighbour’s cat, Mr Frost. GORGEOUS!

– Hand cream, moisturiser, deodorant, mascara, concealer, shaver, shampoo + conditioner, body wash and perfume to maintain a reasonable appearance and feel great!

– Means to exercise and move my body.

– Avocados!! (Yes, I am one of those individuals who continues to purchase $6 – 7 avocados when the season has concluded. What can I say? Avocados are a power source!).

– Adequate sleep and rest.

– Nannying and remembering the importance of being a child; carefree, innocence, energy, delight in the simple things.

– Playing cards and board games.

– Laughter.

– Swimming.

– Immersing oneself in nature.

– Days of goodness, mental clarity, optimal physicality and internal light shining forth!

Such are by no means an exhaustive list and can be added to willingly, as every day differs, providing one with new means to be and express gratitude. This is my evolving list of gratitude. Look closely into your daily life, to discover the hidden gems of life!

What are you eternally grateful for loves?

Peace, warmth, light + happiness,

Maddie x

4 thoughts on “Moments of pure, wholesome + delightful gratitude ❤️

  1. Plain waking up.
    A blank mind .. no clutter .. no noise.
    Dreaming .. day dreaming.
    Hearing from folks.
    Smile from a stranger.
    Being able to give.
    Washing my hands.
    A massage and giving one.
    People watching.
    Walking outdoors.
    Music surfing.
    Mon babe in my lap.
    Crazy laughter.
    Coffee .. dead without it.
    Cool prayer places.

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    1. Oh Kirit! Thank you for openly sharing what your heart is grateful for daily. I am most appreciated and beyond elated that you have the insight to be aware of such precious, beautiful moments in life that your soul deserves! Thank you!! ❤️ #gratitude #livingwithagratefulheart


    1. Thank you lovely Kaitlyn! I appreciate your words and YOU whole heartedly! Thank you! My heart is full! 💕 however, your aura, energy and light I utterly beautiful, allowing all who encounter you to feel uplifted, nourished and centred. Thank you for being all that you gorgeously embody. You deserve the upmost goodness this life has to offer xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

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