Walking proud as a lady!

Hello beautiful!

#BalanceforBetter ~ International Women’s Day 2019.

What does balance indicate? What purpose, significance and substance does the word capture?

As women, we consistently strive for balance in our daily life, whether it be associated with family, employment, functionality of the household (ladies, you know what I mean: cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, school drop offs and collections, grocery shopping, gardening, finances, correspondence, being the handy-woman…the list is endless; the exhausting, menial tasks “expected” of a female), friends, socialising, health and well-being or remaining sane amongst the stereotypical behaviours, roles, thoughts, values and beliefs inflicted upon women by the demeaning, subjugating and absurd societal demands.

Despite these invasively apparent divisions between male and female, it is women, whom over the umpteenth generations, have continued to be bold, resilient, courageous, motivational, radical and fearless in approach. Whilst remaining strong to stand proudly tall, comfortable in her OWN mind, body and soul to alter the status quo for the benefit of not only herself, but all women.

Such is a profoundly uniting concept: women supporting other women. This acceptance of other women along their differing journeys, presents cohesion in its finest form.

A woman’s work, truly never ceases and not only through what is considered as “women’s work”, as women adopt a bounty of masks.

Thus, how can balance be satisfactorily implemented for the betterment of females?

Balance is defined uniquely by all. What one woman interprets balance to be, differs to the next. However different, at the core of balance is the embracement of every woman, from all socio-economic, religious, ethnic and cultural proponents of life.

All voluptuous, curvaceous, tall, petite, brown / blonde / auburn / red / black / highlighted / coloured hair, with differing eye and skin colours, sexual orientation, fashion, ages, gaits, appearances (disabilities included), views, beliefs, employment, status, weight and personalities of women.

No one woman is the same!

How beautifully reassuring it is to know, that there are millions of GORGEOUSLY REMARKABLE women traversing this world, being confident in whom they embody, so to allow their authentic light to illuminate our world for it to rotate.

Ladies, you are each genuinely phenomenal! Embrace all that you are. Love every aspect of your body, mind and soul.

Accept yourself whole heartedly even if such sends you outside of the sphere of what is deemed socially acceptable.

Be bold. Be brazen. Be courageous. Be fierce. Go against the moulds of society.

Believe in yourself with every ounce of your living breath.

YOU can be indomitable.

You CAN make a difference in this world. Your voice SHALL be heard.

Your being WILL BE adored.

Ladies, discover that balance in life for the better, no matter how that sentiment resonates with your soul.

Regardless, never allow anyone, anything or life thwart you from progressing and reaching your full potential. You are worthy. You are successful no matter what you embark on.

Utilise those incredibly self-supporting “I am” statements more often to appreciate yourself regularly. Through doing so, as women we can live our lives the way we desire, as there is absolutely no correct way to reside as a women.

Is there a correct way to live as a man or any other being? Are men questioned as overtly as women?

Perhaps this may stand as a gentle reminder to all, that women are human beings. By no means merely an object or to be carelessly given a cursory glance?!

To look at a women should be to be utterly mesmerised by her beauty, truth, light and purpose.

Subsequently, dare to apply for that job, whether it be as a mechanic, trades, receptionist, psychologist etc.

Stride with a grace and air of confidence.

Wear those clothes which allow one to feel comfortable and authentically you.

Speak one’s mind so to express one’s valid opinion.

Do not compare oneself to any other. Rather live and love your life without neglecting your most beautiful and whole self!

Never think you are unable to do what a man accomplishes, as women, you are the “head” of the world, where all is created, nurtured and flourishes abundantly.

Blossom and bloom unapologetically gals! In the process, adore, respect, appreciate, motivate, inspire and embrace other women daily.

Stand united and proud to be a women in every way!


All of my love, thoughts and hugs,

Maddie x

My Mantra:

“Live the life YOU initiate, not what is instructed”.

Additional Note:

THANK YOU to all men perusing this so to understand the significance of a women. Thank you to those men, whom appreciate and endlessly love the women present in their lives. Please continue to support, uplift and encourage women as Gals (An Almighty and resounding YES to a capital G!!) are PHENOMENAL!!!xx

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