The Utter Beauty of Motherhood…

A dear friend and beautiful soul is soon to give birth to her gorgeous baby girl, whom her and her husband have eagerly been preparing and awaiting endlessly for!

How incredible it is that the nine months of careful nurturing, developing a sincere attachment and love, whilst blissfully observing the spectacular alterations in one’s body proceeds with a profound alacrity; solidifying the concept that all fond moments and journeys in life are to be cherished, as they quickly prevail in lightening speed!

Children, newborns, toddlers and more the elder of young beauties, are adoring sparkles in life. They remind all what it is to be carefree, innocent, pure, whole and honest. Enjoying life for the simplistic nature that daily life provides.

There is a grace and charm between a Mother and her child / children. A blessing gifted to all fortunate to receive.

As the day’s approach so near for my beautiful friend, I constructed the below poem for her, reminding her of the strength, courage, capabilities, love and wisdom she possesses.

I wish every Mother whom reads this pure joy! I hope that every Mother is able to feel appreciated, loved, whole, cared for and blessed with all that she embodies. If not, I am here to remind all Mothers, past, present and future, that you are each uniquely BEAUTIFUL!!

Thank you extends to all women. Our world is truly marvellous with you all present in it!

This journey I am traversing,

Is mine.

Mine to be embraced.

Remembered wholly.

Adored without hesitation,


To accept myself throughout the blossoming process.

Giving myself whole heartedly to the light of life.

A flower awaiting to flourish,

In the midst of an open field.

I am not fearful.

I am hope.

I am light.

I am courageous.

I am strength.

I am warmth.

I am love.

I am me.

Me in my purest form.

~ Soothing Resolution.

All of my love, thoughts and hugs,

Maddie x

2 thoughts on “The Utter Beauty of Motherhood…

    1. Oh Kaitlyn!! It is my absolute pleasure! You, Cameron and beautiful baby daughter to soon enter this world, fill me with immense joy! The expression of words is utterly meagre in comparison to how blessed I am to have your presence, support and consistent friendship along my life journey ❤️❤️❤️ xoxo

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