A word which appears empty, yet captures immense substance, associated with raw, internal feelings, emotions and thoughts.

Regardless of life proving generous in particular aspects recently, the overwhelming desire to flea into another realm absent of pain, discomfort, hardship, vulnerability, unease, betrayal, emptiness, as well as cruel words and acts, is a strengthening and tantalising concept.

Something awfully close in proximity to reach out and embrace with both hands.

Escaping is a means to redirect one’s lifestyle into another state of contentment.

Comfort. Security. Pleasure. Love. Lightness. Prosperity. Hope. Desire.

All of which we as humans, are eternally satisfied by. But for how long?

We each confront arduous, unpleasant and awful moments, days, weeks…Goodness, even months! All of which provoke the ability to evaporate into thin air so to delight in another life, away from the demanding rigmarole of present.

Is this feeling one of reality or a fragment of one’s imagination?

Despite the difficulties and confronting stagnation of any preferred progression in life, escaping appears all too delightful and easy to be deliciously true. Although I desire this lightness, grace, happiness and warmth of life, I feel that if I did not conquer the detested experiences that life catapults at me, in conflation with my critical mindset and beliefs, that I would not be authentically living.



Both are beautiful. Both allow our lungs to be filled to capacity with oxygen. To circulate superfluously within our lifelines of veins to move, function and soundly be.

Of course escaping can be mesmerised and contemplated, even mindfully established. However, if such seriousness can not be adequately confronted, the abyss of self loathing, pain and trials shall continue. We shan’t and cannot, escape forever.

Escaping may allude to distraction from all negativity and allow a newfound hope to be introduced. Yet why not focus on some of the positives to the life that we individually exist in?

Yes, difficult times will prevail along one’s journey!

Yes, such will cause discontent and a concoction of undesired emotions, feelings and thoughts!

Yet, as I blessedly overheard a Mother tending to her Son yesterday afternoon following him falling helplessly to the ground off of his bike onto the hardened concrete below, that;

“This pain and feeling will pass. Breathe. It will pass.”

With a comforting hand and gentle, warming caress, the Mother collected her son, bike in tow, continuing on their afternoon excursion with the son ambitiously pedalling his bike, unafraid of any further descents.

Let us remember that life happens but this too shall pass, similar to both difficult and contented situations.

Do we ever seek happiness and fond memories to pass efficiently?

Generally, as humans, we want to cherish and savour all the goodness in life as such make us feel warm, bubbly, satisfied and hopeful; a dreamy, restful and abundant state.

Therefore, why should we entice negative moments to pass with alacrity, when they can educate us on how to continue in life?

Let us not wish our lives away.

Let us rejoice, be grateful for and live for the life we have been gifted with consistently.

All of my love, thoughts and hugs,

Maddie x

One thought on “Escapism

  1. Today I finished reading a beautifully written beautiful book of a love (My Coney Island Baby) pure escapism but a beaut all the same. It left me with saudade. Reminded me of Clapton’s “Circus Left Town” :

    And it’s sad so sad
    There ain’t no easy way round.
    And it’s sad so sad
    All you friends gather round
    ‘Cause the circus left town.

    I day dream a lot and it has saved me. It makes the bad things go away. Escapism is mom when mom isn’t around.

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