Mirror, Mirror on The a Wall.

Looking into a mirror can prove revolutionary, detrimental, fortuitous, beautiful and filled with detailed surroundings.

What do you observe when you glimpse into a mirror or nearby reflection? Do you glare at your appearance? The imperfections of your being or the beauty of the light you radiate? The surrounding environment? Another bystander or loved one? Or do you simply penetrate the surface with your inquisitive eyes to seek beyond aesthetics?

Generally, mirrors and reflections are ubiquitously located. The inability to escape their invasive sneer. Personally, when I resign myself to peer deeply into a mirror of the image returned to my eyes, I do not perceive myself the way in which others do. Self image, in the physical, mental, emotion and spiritual state, are immeasurably distorted. Am I the only human to traverse this earth that experiences thus? Admittedly, NO!!

Albeit, in the fleeting moment of such self deprecation, disloyalty and berating of self, one can feel isolated, vulnerable, merely ethereal and invisible to the waking life. Retreating into one’s own mind and state of disparagement! An almost automatic response, which represents our human nature, as we are consumed by particular ideals that our reasoning becomes inculcated to believe that we must adhere to the “perfect” mould deemed acceptable, by society and mind.

Be human. Be you. Be your authentic self regardless of the evolving and stipulating demands. Be imperfect. Embrace yourself in every way, especially on the favourable days whereby you see yourself in that mirror with the pure astonishment that you exude…A unique soul filled with experiences, emotions, thoughts, ambition, aspirations, love, happiness, strength, resilience, courage and the confidence to be YOU.

Why walk the journey of another when one can gracefully negotiate one’s own?

Do not allow those mirrors to reflect who the world or your negative mind desires you to be. Allow your eyes to look deeper into the windows of your soul, to see your amazing self, in conflation with your surroundings as a mirrored reflection contains more images than just one person.

Focus on all, being grateful for the gift of sight, your journey and mirrors. They are not to be avoided, simply perceived in a more optimistic approach 💛

All of my love, thoughts and hugs,

Maddie x

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