Betrayal of Journeys.

Banish me.

Remove me.

Allow me to be alone. In apt solitude.

Leave me be shall you.

In the natural state that I am presented.

Do not loathe me.

Do not fear me.

Do not dislike me with your words.

What has precluded us, has been endured.

What awaits, is to be anticipated.

Let us severe ties.

No longer entwined as one.

We shall no longer speak of such truths.

I shall negotiate my journey independently.

You do so similarly.

Time is now.

This is my time.

Yours is upon your own volition.

You may make, dislocate and neglect promises.

Yet these expressed words, actions and betrayal penetrate deeply to the core of my soul.

I shan’t forget, yet I shan’t fester.

I shall forgive and let live.

Focusing all attention on my journey.

I shall support wholeheartedly.

But do not contemplate my amnesia.

Memory is vital to one’s existence.

Loyalty, honesty, trust and connections, more significant.

Why, oh why must you detach from these?

Yes, we are imperfect!

Yes, I admit to my faults!

Yes, I attempt to move forward and implement my best consistently despite the gruelling struggle.

I apologise. I project forward.

But you, you focus purely on yourself.

Continue on your path.

I wish you well and courageously adieu.

Live and love wholly.

But live truthfully.

The final words to escape my oral aperture.

~ Betrayal of journeys

~ Maddie x

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