New Year. New + Abundant Beginnings.

“A New Year. New and Abundant Beginnings.”

Such words may appear somewhat cliche to express the least. However, I truly believe that 2018 represented a year of tremendous triumphs, fond memories and welcoming new individuals into one’s social network. Similarly, it was a year of numerous trials, arduous moments and self-neglecting behaviours. A turbulent year for many. Appreciated nonetheless.

Regardless of navigating the erratic and undulating waves of 2018, it was not a year to be endlessly forgotten. Rather, for this very reason of 2018 proving chaotically disarrayed in trend, it was a year of life lessons, to understand oneself and to genuinely be aware of how one is traversing their individually, authentic journey.

Personally, I encountered a positive beginning to 2018 with sound employment, improved health holistically, expansion of my social network, my mindset shifted to an optimistic approach and I eagerly had global travel to embark on. Yet, the concluding six months of 2018 proved dismally disruptive, confronting and fuelled by my detrimental mindset. What a supersonic transition from the commencement of the year!

Although, such fluidity is life. As human beings, we unfortunately are not entitled with the ability to control all that occurs in life. Here in lies a profound beauty in living daily with the concept of the unknown.

Why would one wish to know all that is to eventuate? Admittedly, knowing certain life events would be advantageous to plan etc, yet not knowing allows one to just be and live for the moment.

2018, despite its plethora of life alterations, was a year of learning. Being educated on matters that many of us run from as such are simplistically too uncomfortable. However, 2019 is to be whole heartedly received. To courageously implement what one learned in 2018 so to propel forwards for self development, confidence, belief, maturity and adopting a positive mindset so to not be governed by the intricacies of one’s mind.

It is absolutely fine to be you. To live how you desire. To be what you want to be without the judgement of others. Below are some of the lessons that I acquired as a result of a year of learning throughout 2018.

May 2019 prove to be abundant, auspicious, salubrious and all things bright for you and your loved ones. Embrace every moment. Reside in adoration of yourself, others and life. Being grateful for every aspect of the living day.

It is acceptable to…

– Seek and ask for assistance.

– Feel vulnerable, fragile, fragmented, broken, exposed and challenged.

– Think, hold and be with both negative and positive cognitions.

– Eat and drink whatever and whenever you desire according to what your body requires for nourishment and sustenance. Listen soundly to your body. Be kind and gentle to your body, especially after all it’s wondrous functions.

– Be fearful and petrified of change.

– Rest, sleep in, watch a movie, sit down, do nothing…even if your mind informs you not to implement such self care practices.

– Shout, scream, express one’s emotions, proclaim expletives all in the attempt to release withheld emotions, feelings and thoughts.

– Say what you are thinking with obdurate conviction. If said with fervour and belief, others will take one seriously and oneself shall conclusively.

– Want to give up fighting BUT it is also ok to continue battling until one becomes victorious.

– Fail and fall umpteenth times.

– Feel stagnant, at a loss in life in the absence of direction, purpose or progression.

– Allocate time to self care, appreciation and adoration.

– Socialise.

– Focus on your natural breath.

– Not exercise stringently every day.

– Be unapologetically authentic.

Welcome 2019!! I look forward to what challenges, lessons and victories you present me graciously with.

Be kind. Be gentle. Feel liberated and whole.

Love, thoughts and hugs always,

Maddie x

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