Christmas Cheer!

Christmas is a beautifully special time of year, as for many it consists of spending quality time with family, friends (loved ones), remembrance of adored souls, laughter, love, gifts, delicious food, social gatherings and interactions, decorations, lights, effervescence, religious practices and fond memories shared and deliciously savoured.

Identically, Christmas educes numerous ideas, feelings, dreams, ambitions, environments, seasons, colours and fun filled activities.

However, for many, Christmas is purely another ordinary day which escapes one’s existence. This can be due to a plethora of reasons; age, cessation of life, illness, employment, living independently…reasons which are beyond one’s control or occur due to the way life has prevailed.

The dichotomy and inequity of life can be perceived somewhat cruel, especially during this time of year, which is an occasion considered to be the ultimate festive and merry experience!

Thus, the act of gifting presents to others represents a kind gesture; a means to express one’s appreciation and gratitude to others. Although, the exchanging of gifts are not all that defines Christmas.

I am not suggesting that all presents be entirely eradicated from Christmas Day. Such would prove catastrophic for all ages concerned!

I am simply postulating the concept of adopting and implementing compassionate, thoughtful behaviours, acts and words towards those we appreciate.

Yes, admittedly the delivering of gifts, promotes a bubbling warmth to well within. Identically, implementing acts of assistance, love, loyalty, kindness and praise evoke the same emotions and feelings.

Gifts are materialistic, can be replaced and or forgotten over the years. Conversely, the consistent quality of words and acts are often rarely eluded from the mind.

This Christmas and New Year Season, let us remind all of how much we love, appreciate and care for them, in conjunction with assisting all, with every available opportunity granted.

Be genuinely grateful for all beautiful souls that are and have been present along one’s unique journey. To be eternally blessed with the number one gift of LIFE.

Seek and appreciate all gifts speckled throughout life, even those which may appear to be incremental blessings. Gifts are discovered everywhere!

“I love you”, “I appreciate you” and “How can I help you?” or even a sincere, loving embrace, towards any fellow human, can possess a more significant meaning than any monetary gift could provide.

Be consistently joyous, merry and grateful for all, beginning this festive season forward. Why not praise and give thanks for all part of one’s surroundings? Why simply deduce this to one day? One never knows what one has until it has been abolished. Each day establishes anew.

Live with an abundance of love, laughter, optimism and supportive individuals.

Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!! May 2019 be fortuitous for all!

All of my love, thoughts and hugs,

Maddie x

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