Shine your light!

Individual radiance and internal lights.

We each possess a beautifully unique soul, which allows our lights to exude from our physical beings. This light is imperative for how we attract others into our lives, how we function, reside and revel in the triumphs of life, whether we are aware of our sparkle or entirely oblivious.

One’s radiant light, is essentially one’s life force; the vivaciousness we exude through the effortless energy effused. It is the soul to life, the key to happiness and success and the navigation to optimal health, relationships and beauty. Light does not discriminate based on restricting societal categories, such as age, gender, race, beliefs, values…conversely, it is the flow of energy that is more beautiful than anything defined in this world. Light is the true meaning of beauty. One’s light needn’t be defined or compartmentalised, as it is personal to us all.

Recently, the light of others, as well as my own, have stimulated my mindset to become more in synchrony with my body, how I present myself, act, behave and live life. Essentially, how the energy I muster, proceeds all thought, emotions and feelings experienced, deep within my inner core.

It is awfully easy for one’s internal and subsequent external light, to be diminished in today’s society with the constant, draining and demanding pressures, stipulations, reprimands, adherence and overt acceptance of self, authentic or not. Subsequently promoting physical, mental, emotion and spiritual exhaustion, chronic anxiety, lethargy, confusion, fatigue, anhedonia and limited progress to propel forwards.

Oh, how many instances have I sadly observed this occur to others and myself?!

Fast forward to the past week, whereby I generously received a painting from one of my dear friends, which she intricately created to depict my authentic light; a perception of my light, which is observed by others. To explain the inserted photo below, the light colours viewed, represents my internal light, which shines outwardly to all I encounter. Whilst the darker colours present themselves as a symbol of the difficulties I have endured throughout my journey with the white in the centre emphasising my soul. The soul is whom one genuinely is holistically.

This explanation, enabled me to realise that we each contain a magnificent light cradled warmly within. We each enter this world with our light, awaiting to be eagerly expressed. Despite the numerous inevitable dark and arduous experiences, our lights were initially rudimentary – present from conception. Our light and soul are who we embody. We can rise above all that we encounter throughout life, as the darkness is welcomed, yet shan’t consume us consistently, as the lightness shall always prevail.

Light and dark are complimentary elements, whether we can accept this or not, as it is possible to remain in darkness for a long duration of time and become succumbed to this life of disservice. However, without either present in one’s life, we would not be the individuals we are currently!

Embrace those uncomfortably confronting and vulnerable moments. Invite and accept them. Although, never disregard the importance of your internal light which shines effervescently from every aspect of your physical existence. Allow your eyes to brighten, your skin to glow, your smile to widen, your stance to stand proudly tall, to converse and express with a confidence and to love yourself so that you can love others wholly, in the absence of regret.

Sparkle, shine, illuminate the world, glow, glitter, glisten, radiate, vivify, shimmer, twinkle… Whichever means one selects to perceive light, do so fearlessly and unapologetically.

Once your light is apparent, one will be amazed at how life begins to proceed bountifully!

Believe in yourself and the goodness this universe has to offer.

All of my love, thoughts and hugs,

Maddie x

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