Internal Covering

I feel your heavy, descending and toxic breath,

Your tightening and relentless touch.

You suffocate me with your burdening sneer and vicious sensations.

You encapsulate me as if I am a medicinal powder to be haphazardly moulded into a minute capsule,

As if you have complete ownership over my absent, consented volition.

You tease me with your erratic arrivals.

You entice me to frightfully flee.

How smothering your effect and caress.

Oh how I loathe you, making me feel bountifully grotesque and uncomfortable in my own body.

A prisoner to my own vessel due to your grappling hands.

Enveloped by your awfully warm and tingling blanket.

Yet, I require your invaluable presence to function optimally despite my resistance to your trickling cascade.

The cruel dichotomy of your fattening veil.

“Internal covering” – a.k.a. BODY FAT.

All of my love, thoughts and hugs always,

Maddie x

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