Joys of Womanhood

“Every month, I liberally express my profound gratitude for my body functioning optimally. For the processes my body embarks on. Being blessed with a healthy lifestyle and the gift of life.” ~ Menstrual Cycle.


I encourage both males and females of all ages to peruse this blog, despite the intimate subject of the menstrual cycle. It is important for females to love themselves abundantly for their bodies and the womanly processes which occur and for men to acknowledge, understand and respect the women in their lives for who they are naturally, not based on society’s demeaning prerogatives.

Kindly, I was recently informed that I would make a wonderful Mother, if I decided to one day have children. I was rather taken aback by this complimentary stance, for numerous reasons. Singularly, such a compliment stimulated my mindset to realise the importance of the female body and how magnificently the body enables women to create, nurture and house the development of a blessed newborn.

So here delightfully enters the lovely, monthly menstrual cycle!

My monthly. Monthly reminder. Aunty Flo. On the rag. Lady time. That time of the month. Women flu. A women’s gift…

How many times have women been accustomed to these comically apt sayings and more, when either themselves or their female friends have their period? Or, when another, even the opposite sex, accuses you of being on your period with one of these appellations due to the symptoms associated with having one’s period?

I believe it is a global, unified agreement that the accompanied abdominal bloating, bodily fluid retention, headaches, tender breasts, heightened awareness of all, fluctuating mood, abdominal cramps, acne, dull skin, greasy hair and deflation of energy is not ideal nor pleasant to endure for three to five days, or more, for every monthly cycle.

Conversing openly about the menstrual cycle, although may appear incredibly forward and direct in speaking, is part of the female existence; it depicts the beauty of life. It is a pertinent subject of conversation which should have greater attention, between the sexes.

The human body is truly remarkable in every sense, especially how it continues to function without our conscious ability of control. Each physical body is unique and a marvelled piece of artwork; the finest individual caricatures to grace this world.

Although the anatomy and physiology of a male is absolutely incredible, it is the intricacy of the female body which leaves me in awe, due to the way the menstrual cycle, generally beginning at the onset of puberty (which can range from the age of 8-15 or later. There is no correct time as every female’s body functions and blooms at different stages. Be patient and graciously observe yourself flourish!), prepares the female for child birth later in life, if she so desires.

I heartbreakingly overhear and continually view through the intrusive realm of social media, an umpteenth number of females of all ages, social structures, classes and ethnicities, berating their body shapes and sizes. To alternatively, partake in fad / restricting diets to reduce their body fat content and subsequently weight so to feel more content with their appearance. Why is it when we are not content with how we perceive the reflection in the mirror, all is superficially reduced to body fat? Couldn’t an alteration possibly be made mentally, emotionally or spiritually?

I am an advocate for healthy living and for physical activity to be apart of one’s daily rigmarole for holistic wellbeing. However, when the body becomes too low in body fat percentage, there is an increased likelihood that the menstrual cycle will temporarily cease until body fat is restored or it will no longer exist, dependent on the torment and damage directed towards the body.

Thus, when I was complimented recently pertaining my ability to be a caring and nurturing Mother, my heart sank deeply, my stomach lurched and tears welled dramatically in my eyes, to frantically cascade down my face. Despite constantly having had a burning, innate desire to have my own children one day, I may never have the opportunity to successfully do so naturally. A fact I have resigned myself to over the years. To possibly never feel the immense love for one’s child. To never have the opportunity to experience what it is like to contain a child within, to feel their every undulating and erratic movement, the life like sensations, to give the gift of life to a child waiting in the wings, to long to lovingly embrace and kiss them on the forehead when they are in need of comfort, to support them, to be their protection and shield from the many life difficulties and to simply be and be called their Mother.

For many who know me well, or read my blog, are liberally educated that I have resided with Anorexia Nervosa for the past seven years (If you are new to my blog. Welcome and thank you for perusing my content 💕). Over this time, due to the excessive exercising and restrictive to non-existent eating and aimlessly dieting (for which I DO NOT condone, unless you are advised by a health professional to lose or gain weight with the assistance of a professional to acquire a healthy body weight and lifestyle) my menstrual cycle has ceased to exist. Medically coined amenorrhea. At the current age of twenty three, I cannot remember the last time I experienced a genuine menstrual cycle, even when I restored the body fat I required for my body to optimally function. She simply did not arrive in her splendiferous entirety, despite my eager excitement when spotting occurred, contacting every person I could contemplate whom had assisted me to restore the weight to inform them of such tremendous news!! Oh how short lived my excited outburst was!

I do not disseminate this personal and vulnerable information for sympathy or to be consoled, nor am I asking for this or attention. Rather, it is my desperate plea for all women whom read this, to not emulate my behaviour and actions. Yes, I reside and am proud to function daily with a mental illness. Yes, I decided to treat my body awfully. However, I must now continue my existence with the repercussions of my actions.

As I referred to in my previous blog, I have made my own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and now must make the executive decision as to either continue making this familiar sandwich or alter tact to establish a new sandwich which will serve me healthily?

It is important to maintain a healthy relationship with food and exercise, to discover a balance where your body is comfortable at a weight which allows you to have the required energy levels, fat, muscle and aesthetic glow to ensure your menstrual cycle continues naturally and that you are permitted a pleasant lifestyle, which we are each deservedly entitled to!

If you do discover yourself struggling to maintain or establish a healthy relationship with food and exercise or notice another’s behaviour slopingly waning, I vociferously implore you to seek assistance and take, plus implement, the necessary action immediately!!

Never have I heard a female, myself included, express her gratitude for her period. This is understandable due to the pain, discomfort and inconvenience Miss Flo can cause. However, next time your period arrives lovely females, be grateful for what nature has provided you with and adore every aspect of your body for what it currently and can provide you in the long term. Dieting, restriction, comparisons with others and energy lost over analysing a desired body shape is simply not worth the concerted effort, despite each of us being guilty at doing so at some stage. We are only humans, so please forgive yourselves. Life is too short to grasp onto detrimental and self criticising affirmations, believe me!

It is not our intrinsic intent to be unappreciative for our menstrual cycle. Supposedly it is due to the process losing it’s rudimentary excitement or womanhood motion and progressing into a monthly inconvenience of the negative connotations of the occurrence. However, despite our unintentional lack of interest in our menstrual cycle, it is natures means of glorifying and reminding us that we are healthy, happy, full of zest and are living. We are women and we should be proud to be so!

Health and receiving your monthly visit from a gorgeously red gem, is the ultimate charm!

Welcome your next menstrual cycle abundantly and be kind to her as she is your gift. Instead of scolding her presence, boisterously proclaim your contentment for the exuberance of being alive and well! She won’t be around forever so enjoy having her as your personal acquaintance for as long as you possibly can.

Thank you Miss Flo for having graced me with your presence. I sincerely hope to see you one day soon! Until then, keep safe and I shall continue to nourish my body until you return dear friend.

All of my love, thoughts and hugs always,

Maddie x

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