❤️ Grateful Heart

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them”. ~ John F. Kennedy.

What does gratitude mean to you? What are you most grateful for? Have you ever contemplated gratuity on a daily basis? Do you practice being grateful?

For many of us, myself included, we are subjects to constantly rushing, accomplishing all daily tasks assigned with immense fervor, alacrity, speed and the inability to slow so to value our surroundings, others, ourselves and life.

Why must we continually function in a state of immeasurable productivity when we could allocate five to ten minutes to the acceptance, adoration, appreciation and gratitude of what our lives consist of?

Through recent travel, devouring Positive Psychology books and residing at home throughout my ongoing, mundane and tedious recovery, I ensconce myself in the finer details of my daily surroundings and contemplation of the existential questions / pondering thoughts pertaining what is life?

Now, this may appear all to in depth, time consuming or beyond one’s scope due to time constraints, family, friends and work responsibilities, with simply having absolutely no to limited time to put one’s feet comfortably up to relax and unwind…

I understand completely. Yet please, I implore you to simply be for one moment and partake in the below activity. Not only will this allow your mind to be soothed, it will invigorate your energy so to understand and accept the wonders of life. It will open your heart and mind to an abundance of good will, contentment and connection to and with others. The additional positive is that such will only take five or ten minutes out of your day and what better way to utilise this time than to adopt a new skill set, acknowledge the realm of positive psychology and be utterly grateful for all in your life?

The task….

– Write, communicate or disseminate in some form, think of or journal write what you are grateful for each day. You are not limited to what you are grateful for.

Task accomplished!

This activity allows our hearts, minds and exteriors to become softened. Acquiring a heightened awareness of what genuinely matters in life, which is easily detracted from our beings due to the ineluctable societal pressures, inner conflict / critics, the illusion of time and crippling responsibilities attached to us, as if they are a badge of honour we must parade.

Expressing gratitude provides us with a sense of renewal and optimism, as the skill set promotes our minds to contemplate what is positive / prevailing correctly in our lives as opposed to focusing solely on what is incorrect. A means in which our brains are all to well accustomed to. Why not embrace the opportunity to re-programme our minds to rationalise positively?

The benefits of expressing what one is grateful for are enticing enough as gratuity allows:

– Stress levels to decrease.

– A feeling of ease and calmness.

– Challenges how one perceives life.

– Assists one with discovering their purpose.

– Helps one become more self aware and vigilante of one’s behaviour in a non-judgemental way.

– Allows one’s mood to be readjusted, especially on a sombre or difficult day.

– Allows one to become more balanced, centred and positive.

If we look around to our surroundings and our unique lives, we will realise that happiness is derived from how we perceive our lifestyles. If we can cease all frenetic activity physically and mentally, we shall discover that life is absolutely phenomenal; an awakening gift!

Life is precious. It is a privilege to arise each day to observe all. Yes, it is perfectly acceptable to possess aspirations and to desire more luxurious items and or lifestyle. Yet, whilst you dream of desiring more, be grateful for what you presently have, you may already have it all? Be grateful for everything small, large and in between and express your positivity and gratuity out into the world. The world requires this!!

Never live a day in the absence of a grateful heart, as without such a gift, we will never adequately be acquainted with our authentic self nor shall we establish the connections with others which are imperative for one’s survival.

There is something to celebrate daily. Seek and you shall discover. Open your eyes to the beauty of life, your mind to reflection, celebration, praise and adoration and your heart to adopt and magnetise gratuity.

Awake each day with a grateful heart and dear to experience all that the Universe has to offer you.

All of my love, thoughts and hugs always,

Maddie x

This image I captured whilst out walking this fine Spring morning. How beautiful nature is and how often the natural aspects of life are overlooked, neglected or abused.

What I am grateful for:

– My beautiful twin sister, Libby.

– Reciprocated kindness and smiles.

– Warm embraces / hugs.

– Not making comparisons to others. As a dear friend of mine recently revealed “Why compare yourself to others when there are too many people in this world?”. Valid enough point I believe?

– My body and what it does for me. Too often we focus on our aesthetics, yet do we ever take the opportunity to appreciate how our body’s allow us to breathe, move, think, regulate and appropriately function?

– Complete function of my body and the ability to think independently.

– My supportive, encouraging, compassionate and loving family and friends.

– Fresh air to breathe and clean water to drink as well as bathe in.

– Electricity. How often is this taken for granted?

– Sanitary conditions to reside in.

– Sunshine! Simply makes a world of difference ☀️

– Technology / internet. Being able to remain in contact with my family and friends nationally and those dispersed throughout the globe residing in London, Holland, Croatia, America and Australia.

– The contagious happiness, good fortunes and shining lights of others surrounding me.

– Coffee / brunch / meal gatherings with friends.

– The ability to challenge my mental illness.

– All whom struggle with a mental illness, physical disability or debilitating disease. Plus all of whom advocate for these individuals.

– Diversity and interracial relationships.

– Nature 🌸

– My cultural heritage.

– Music (Especially two New Zealand bands, Sons of Zion and Six Sixty! As well as English “man band” Rak-Su. Please, if you have not listened to any of these artists, I promptly encourage you to do so! They shall warm your souls and brighten your day. Allowing the music to penetrate to the core of your being).

– Books.

– Libraries.

– Having access to educational facilities / system, health care systems and living in a peaceful nation.

– Mail addressed to me.

– My favourite meals and food (Breakfast foods. Need I say more?).

– Love.

– Sincerity, loyalty, companionship, empathy, understanding and humour.

– Solitude; a space to myself and just be.

– Beaches.

– Being surrounded by water and a plethora of beaches.

– My religious and spiritual beliefs.

– Opportunities.

– Travel.

– Awaking each day.

Although this may appear to be an extensive list, there is much more to be grateful for in life. You may be grateful for absolutely anything. There are no boundaries. Each day differs therefore each day gratitude alters. Being grateful, for even just one thing in life each day, will traverse you closer to an abundant life ❤️

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