Poetry for the soul

Throughout recovery I discovered writing and poetry, to capture the intricacies of mind. Although, quite dark, dismal and sombre, eventually a light shines to illuminate the goodness in life. We must cherish the good and accept the negative. Discover your therapy for healing. What assists you?


Believe in yourself,
Believe in what you offer life and what you can give.
You are a limited edition, where your heart is your greatest wealth.
Protect all that you embody and do not let others who disrespect you too near,
Be cautious in your meetings,
For you are to be respected and cared.
Walk with a profound confidence as it is the only way to live.
Hold your head held high,
Be proud of yourself,

For you are going places,
Somewhere, someday soon, somehow.
Do not doubt this, you may just discover yourself in the most obscure spaces.
How exciting life can prove!
But there are a few lessons you must abide,
So to not remain stagnant but to propel forward and move,
Some which you will marvel at and others which will be on your side.
Remind yourself daily of your greatness.
Do not loathe any part of your being,
For you are pure, honest, real and true.
You are beautiful as there is no one like you!
You have been constructed to share your wonders with the universe,
So do not hide or disguise this, as your life could end up worse.
Live abundantly, believe in the goodness, do not give up or repel,
The world will soon thank you, for being the authentic you, just like a magical spell ~ Maddie x

Mental Health

The mind is a powerful entity,
By no means a simple thing.
Neural pathways connectively wind to explore the intricate depths of one’s existence.
Which should be nurtured, almost like a mother’s offspring,
Caring, warm and persistent.
It has a propensity to wander aimlessly about,
Like a carefree child, without any doubts.
At times the mind may deceive you,
Past the point of sincere oblivion,
Leading you to a path of self-destruction, neglect and abuse.
Oh how tragic this situation appears!
Until the acceptance of help bursts from the seams,
To protect the fragile mind,
To the point that it is delicately repaired,
To confront and conquer each day,
So that the mind is no longer in a state of disarray;
Equanimity. ~ Maddie x


What is a life in the absence of fear?
Is it a life which should be loved or loathed?
Does it help one to acknowledge their insecurities, or is it to be adhered?
Fear consumes the mind and soul, just as a blanket or clothes.
It is suffocating, cruel and invasive,
Which inflicts limited safety, fooling the mind as it is most persuasive.
Do not be frightened of fear,
As although it is something that we all bare,
It is a facet of life which strengthens and upholds us,
Despite its pernicious snare,
Fear encourages us to be the courageous souls we were created to be and everyday share. ~ Maddie x


A deep, seething rabbit warren with nowhere to go,
A being which smothers,
Diminishing one’s effervescent glow.
Wrapping around every crevice tightly,
The exact opposite to pure snow.
Yet there is a comfort within this place,
A ubiquitous nature, with no room to manoeuvre or seek,
Keeping one in-tact like a warm embrace.
It is darkness you see,
Please, take a welcomed peek!
There is no escaping it as it is part of me.
Until a glimmer of light appears,
It’s enticing gleam,
Proves more welcoming than the comforting plea,
Of the darkness which is no longer welcome,
It is time to disappear,
Just like a phantom, one which should no longer be feared. ~ Maddie x

Despite all of these entrenched mindsets and all consuming mental illness, there are always others surrounding you whom adore and love you for who you are. Seeing you for you and not the mental illness! You are more than the mental illness diagnosed – remember this!


What is the meaning of love?
Is it an emotion, feeling or a passing comment?
Does it leave you wondering or make you feel dormant?
Does it ignite a warmth within your soul,
Allowing you to feel cared for, appreciated and whole?
Love, in its purest form, generously warms the being,
Without it, one may feel at a loss and broken,
As a disenchanted soul, with no meaning.
When another genuinely loves you, delightfully embrace this,
As it is your red rose, a blessing, a token.
Do not let those who love you disappear or out of your reach,
For they are the gifts sent to you,
Where they will teach you how to love yourself and discover your niche.
They will introduce into your life a sense of bliss,
That shall never go amiss. ~ Maddie x

Love and thoughts always,

Maddie x

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