The Journey Begins

Welcome to my very first blog! This is a rather exciting and daunting experience for me as I have been wishing to embark on this project for what appears like months! So to finally be establishing content feels surreal!

I must admit, I have not pursued this realm of expression and communication sooner, due to previous life circumstances, poor health, study, work, recent travel and most of all, the limited self worth and belief that I possess. Something which is not uncommon for many of us in the world we reside in.

I almost feel that this opportunity to create a blog has been thrust upon me, for which I determine a true blessing as I am now able to complete what I have always desired in life (although, still with the debilitating low self worth). Therefore, having made the decision to depart early from my global travels to return home so to restore my deteriorating health has not all been terrible (Our health is priority. PLEASE never sacrifice your health for anyone or anything. Your health is literally your wealth in every essence of the mantra), as I have realised what I truly want in life, what I appreciate, enjoy and have a passion for. I now have sufficient amount of time to do everything as I spend my days at home on bed rest, in the hopes of restoring the weight I have drastically lost during this relapse. Bed rest is never ideal for anyone, especially someone as energetic as I am; wishing to pack as much as humanely possible into the day. Maybe it is a lesson for me? Maybe it is an opportunity to discover my niche and purpose in life? Isn’t is interesting how life can take us in numerous directions? Not always the way in which we plan. As I say “All in life occurs for a reason, good and bad”.

So, now to my new direction to the world of blogging…

So, here I discover myself writing these honest words within this blog, by vulnerably and cautiously stepping towards the precipice of the cliff to courageously leap forward enabling my now evident wings to be liberated to fly; soar to great heights by challenging the detrimental mindset which has become entrenched and manifested over the tumultuous years of my youth.

I suppose what I am wishing to convey is that life has its difficulties, trials, tribulations and turbulence. However, it is our onus and at times, waivering volition, to manage these moments and to alter our mindsets so to manuervre all into a positive; to be congruent with our authentic self so not to feed the negativities in life (our minds included!), but to embrace every moment life presents us. Even if they prove frightening! If we do not challenge ourselves or those voices in our minds, how will we ever develop, grow and learn?

I courageously implore and challenge you to select something today which frightens you or to pursue that thought that you have been wishing to begin for some time. ย I have immense faith in your ability to do so, as every moment is a great moment to begin. Even if you cannot complete all in one instance, at least you have begun and how amazing of a feat is that?!

As the beautiful Dr Libby expressed โ€œWhat would courage have me do today?โ€. May we find meaning and motivation from these pertinent words each day. Please remember, you ARE courageous. You ARE important. You ARE worthy. Love yourself and love your life. Live it abundantly.

Look at what you have in life, not what is absent. Embrace every moment so to appreciate all, so that you do not miss anything. Life is beautiful and all of us deserve this!

Love, thoughts and hugs always, Maddie x

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